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Anime on iTunes

So I hear the FUNimation Channel has opened its own little store on iTunes! It’s not available to me, since I have a Canadian version of the program installed, but maybe our American readers will be interested in checking this out. Supposedly, a single episode costs $1.99 (some of the featured shows are Samurai 7, Speed Grapher and Desert Punk) and they can be purchased singularly or in full seasons, viewable through iTunes, iPod Videos and if available, AppleTV. So far, FUNi is the first company to offer anime through iTunes.

If anyone decides to try it out, let us know how things went by using the comment box below!

Source: Newtype USA

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2 Responses to “Anime on iTunes”

  1. nick Says:

    its awesome i bought the whole season of trinity blood SWEET!!!

  2. Japanese Anime Says:

    Great to see that there is anime on itunes gives me more of a reason to use itunes nice post!

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