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Ah, I’ll admit I’ve been very neglectful of this blog. However, much of that squandered time was used on watching some excellent shows, so I’ll share a few of these with you before the season’s newest offerings start!

Screenshot from REC opening theme - 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' tributeBased on the five-volume manga series of the same name, REC is a slice-of-life romantic comedy that ran for nine twelve-minute episodes in February and March of 2006. Salaryman Matsumaru is looking for a little romance in his life just as he meets Aka, an up-and-coming voice actress whose apartment complex just happens to have burnt to the ground. The sympathetic Matsumaru invites her to stay with him for as long as she needs, but he hasn’t bargained on the personality conflicts, sexual tension and cramped living Aka’s intrusion brings into his life. When her career really starts to take off, both need to decide where they want to take their relationship.

This is a relatively unknown series (any fans of Audrey Hepburn will appreciate Aka’s character, for sure) and quite short, but it’s a real gem, directed by Nakamura Ryutaro of Serial Experiments Lain, Sakura Wars and Kino no Tabi. It also features the catchiest opening theme song I’ve heard in a long while. No official English adaptation is planned at the moment (fansubs are around, however), but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone decided to pick it up for a DVD release.

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  1. alex Says:

    Do you know the name of the opening theme?

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